Online Training

Online courses varying from one day to five days

  • Solar pv design, integration, performance and business
  • Solar pumping and lighting systems
  • Solar sales and business
  • Energy management
  • Energy economics
  • Micro and mini hydro power systems
  • Wind power systems
  • Renewable energy policy
  • Electric vehicles
  • Energy storage systems

Customized courses as per your requirement and market needs.

Inperson Training

Inperson courses varying from one day to six months.

Inperson training and skill development courses are imparted at this center.

Center is well equipped with Lab, Hands-On Training platforms (Hybrid & On-Grid).

  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy management
  • Wind energy
  • Solar energy
  • Bio-energy ( biomass, bio-fuels etc)
  • Geo-thermal energy
  • Energy storage
  • Energy planning
  • Energy integration
  • Energy metrics
  • Energy performance contracting
  • Energy monitoring
  • Energy policy
  • Energy standards

Customized Courses as Per Your Requirment and Market Needs


Fixing of PV Modules on Mounting Structures

Repairing & Maintenance of Solar PV System


  Service Contracts for Solar PV System

Re-installation of Solar PV System

Performance evaluation of Solar PV System