Admission Policy And Procedures

Our training policy is to provide value to participants through experienced resource persons and best learning environment in terms of knowledge, skills , course contents and venue. All courses will be modern and market based helping in career and business growth of persons and organizations.

Admission Rules And Regulations

  • Visit the home page and complete the process of your admission.
  • After making payment you will receive an email message for confirmation of your admission.
  • In case of information of any course, you can send an email or call coordinator programs (0347-5151222).
  • In case of the online and Inperson courses, pre-payment is mandatory for admission.
  • In case of In-person course, you have the choice to deposit fee on spot but you have to provide all of your data and make a commitment of payment for your seat booking. In this case, your booking is not confirmed and will be subject to the availability of a seat.
  • You will not be awarded a certificate in case of your absence from the course and the deposit fee will not be refundable.
  • In case of the online course, your online presence is a must on daily basis and in case of absence of any day and regular late coming, your certificate will be held subject to the completion of that day’s course.
  • Courses will start on time and your timely presence is mandatory.
  • In case of CPD course, Certificate will be awarded to those who have a PEC registered number.
  • Company sponsored more than two persons have right to negotiate the fee.
  • Any course can be canceled because of less admission and any force measure situation.
  • The face mask is mandatory for participants attending in-person training as per government policy.
  • A pdf copy of the presentation will be given to the participants along with other handouts.
  • In-person five days training will have two days of hands-on training on PV training platforms and solar system installed at the lab.
  • Group photo and filling feedback form is mandatory at the end of the training.
  • Working lunch and tea will be provided to all participants during In-person training.
  • In case of cheque payment, no discount will be awarded and GST of 16% will be charged.
  • Our courses fee is without any tax and in case of invoice the taxes will be added.
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Hands-On Training on PV Trainer

Checking the Solar Parameter

Demonstrating the Solar System