Power Distribution System for Housing, Commercial and Industrial Facilities and Complexes


Trainers: Engr. Muhammad Iftikhar
Duration: 6 Hours (daily)
Timing: 10 am to 4 pm
Days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Dates: FEB 10-12, 2022
Contents The planner’s tasks, Some basic considerations on power distribution Standards, Standardization bodies, guidelines, Estimation of power demand for a project, Selection of power sources on the basis of demand. Different types of power supplies in a project, Network configurations, Network systems according to their type of connection to earth, planning of medium voltage systems, Availability and redundancy, Reactive power and compensation (power factor improvement), Network protection and
protection coordination, Earthing and lightning protection Major distribution system components. Design phase (Design drawings and their types) Basic electrical design considerations, Specifications of electrical equipment, BOQ, Contractual & Implementation phase (Shop drawings, Approval of drawings, Material approval, FAT (Factory acceptance tests), Project management, Site works
implementation, Meetings, Punch list, Testing and commissioning Handing over / taking over. Guidelines for Expression of Interest, Request for Proposal (RFP), Bids Evaluations, Contract draft, Supervision and performance measurement. What is electrical maintenance, Benefits of electrical maintenance, Electrical hazards, What is preventive maintenance, Technical requirements ( Survey of plant equipment, Listing of plant equipment in the order of critical equipment, Plan to perform maintenance on regular frequency, Development of instruction and procedures), Fundamentals of
electrical preventive maintenance ( Electrical repairs, Analysis of failure, Trending of maintenance and testing data, Computerized maintenance management system) Types of tests ( Acceptance
tests, Routine maintenance tests, Special maintenance tests, Types of testing method ( Solid insulation testing, Insulating liquid testing, Protective device testing, Circuit breaker Time-travel
analysis, Grounding electrode resistance testing, Fault gas analysis testing, Infrared inspection testing)
NOTE:  For PEC register engineer 1 CPD point. For all courses.